St. Patrick’s Parish commemorates the 1889 landslide

92519_st pats landslide.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Photos of the wreckage, along with the metal framework of a harp-shaped floral arrangement, which was presented by Quebec premier Honoré Mercier at a service held after the 1889 landslide, were on display at the commemorative mass held at St. Patrick’s Church.

Today, many people casually drive and walk along Boulevard Champlain below the cliffs of Cap Diamant at the west end of the Old City, little knowing what happened there many years ago. This is the location of the terrible landslide that, on Sept. 19, 1889, crushed the homes of 28 families, killing many of the neighbourhood’s residents.

Yes my great great grandfather and family were buried under the rock. It is said that he went insane after the tragedy. His name was William Stephens.