St. Patrick’s High School 2010 Awards

Valedictorian and Salutatorian Trophies
Peiyin Zhang & James Morse- Valedictorians
Eric Chang- Salutatorian
Presented by:  Steven Dopheide
THE GOVERNOR GENERAL’S ACADEMIC MEDAL, - because of the criteria set by the Federal Government, this award is to be given after the Provincial results have been published.  Therefore we are proud to announce the winner of the award based on the June 2009 results.
William Mc Carvill
Presented by:  Diane Labbe
The Lieutenant Governor Certificate which has already been awarded to two secondary V graduates in acknowledgment of his or her involvement in social and community events as well as for academic success.  This year’s winners:
Patricia Lalonde & Francis O’Brien

THE WALTER MUNRO TROPHY & AWARD, awarded to a student who is proficient in academics and exemplies genuine love of his/her community and shows outstanding citizenship.
Winner: Marc-André Charland      (1 x 500.00)
Presented by : Peggy Drolet

The BROTHER WALTER TROPHY, awarded to a boy for highest academic average.
Winner:      James Morse (1 x 250.00)
Presented by: Nick Lehoux

THE TERESA F. WHEALAN TROPHY, awarded to a girl for highest academic average.
Winner: Peiyin Zhang    (1 x 250.00)
Presented by: Carmen Bowles

THE JAMES HEWITT MEMORIAL AWARD, awarded to a student who has demonstrated creative problem solving skills in either academics or a extra-curricular setting.
Winner:  Francis O`Brien  (1 x 250.00)
Presented by: Stephane Trudel

THE PATRICK MCKENNA TROPHY, awarded to a graduate for the highest mark in Public Speaking
Senior public speaking
winner: Stephanie Brushett  (1 x 100.00)
Presented by: Patrick McKenna                                                       
THE MICHAEL YAREMKO TROPHY, in memorial, given to a student who best exhibits the following characteristics: perseverance, ambition and love of fellow man.
Winner:  Andréanne Deschênes    (1 x 100.00)
Presented by:  Isabele Busque

THE DESMOND O’NEILL AWARD, for academic excellence:
Winner:  Eric Chang     (1 x 100.00)             
Presented by:  Peggy Drolet

THE S.M. MANEK AWARD is given to a student who exhibits diligence, respect and thoughtfulness to others.
Winner:  Antoine Vallée    (1 x 100.00)
Presented by:  Julie Robitaille

 The Phil Delaney Memorial Award for Music: awarded to two students:
-  who have not had any musical experience prior to taking the music program at St. Patrick’s
- must have shown good effort, enthusiasm and participation during class & concerts
-  must have been ready and willing for any challenge
-  must have been consistent with his/her practicing
Winners:  Marianne Pelletier & Tim Robinson-Trudel             
Presented by:  David Parker  (2 x 50.00)

St. Patrick’s Parish Award:  awarded to a deserving student for school spirit and academic achievement.
Winner:  Elizabeth Pitt  (1 x 100.00)
Presented by:  Brenda Edwards

The Patrick Power Award:  awarded as a tribute to Mr. Patrick Power for his contribution to the Irish community, awarded to a graduating student who,

- Will be continuing his/her education at the CEGEP or University level.  This bursary will be paid to the institution of the student’s choice.
- Has demonstrated outstanding contribution & leadership
- Has shown a good level of improvement and leadership in school life
- Is deserving of the opportunity to continue his/her education.                     
Winner:           Kerry Ann Marcotte                                                (1 x 100.00)
Presented by:  Marsha Murdock
The Leonard School Alumnae Award:  courtesy of the Leonard and St. Patrick’s Girls Alumnae, awarded to two girls for academic success and contribution to the spirit of the school.
Winners:  Daphnée Tremblay & Stephany Scallen (2 x 100.00)
Presented by:  Glenda Grannary

The Dr. Michael O’Doherty award:  awarded to a deserving student who has demonstrated hard work, enthusiasm and honesty.  This award should be given to a student who has not received an abundance of awards and prizes. This has been specified by the family!!!                                                                     
Winner:  Melissa  Noel  (1 X 100.00)
Presented by:  Marie-Josee Quinn

THE ST. PATRICK’S HIGH SCHOOL POSITIVE IMPACT AWARD, to a student  or students who have an ongoing positive impact on the daily life of St. Pat’s by their friendly and engaging interactions with both the staff and their fellow students.
Winner: Marc-André Charland  (1 X 100.00)
Presented by : Mr. Scott Emery

THE ST. PATRICK’S HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING PERSONNEL AWARD, given to a boy or girl who best exemplifies the following:
    - academic merit
    - intellectual curiosity and openness to learning
    - perseverance and hard work
    - kindness and respect of other     
Winners:   Mikael Gagnon & Elizabeth White   ( 2 x 50.00)      
Presented by:  Christian Lachance                                                 

Note:  Financial need is also a criteria, and the $100 award can be divided in two awards of $50.00 each if the awards committee so desires

The St. Lawrence Campus Regional College Bursary:  courtesy of St. Lawrence Campus For two students registered for the fall semester at St. Lawrence
Winners:  Alexandra Guay & Eva Moreau  (2 x 75.00)
Presented by:  Mr. Jean Robert (Campus Director)

THE WILLIAM J. MCNAMARA AWARD, awarded to a student who has been remarkable in combining high standards of personality and achievement.
Winner : Claudi Poirier   (1 x 75.00)
Presented by: Alexandra Furlong

THE PRINCIPAL’S AWARD, awarded to a boy or girl for academic proficiency and has consistently been a proud ambassador for St. Pat’s.
Winner: Nicolas Vallée Hard in  (1 x 75.00)             
Presented by:  Stephen Pigeon

THE GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR AWARD, is awarded to a student for academic achievement and for his or her willingness to help other students.
Winner:    Elizabeth White  (1 x 75.00)
Presented by:  Danielle Chaput

THE BRUCE PHILLIPS AWARD, given to a student for sports and school spirit.
Winner: Bianca Nolin  (1 x 50.00)
Presented by:  Phil Trudel                           

SISTER MILDRED WALLACE TROPHY, awarded to a student who has maintained high standards in Mathematics and who has exhibited a high degree of school spirit.
Winner:  James Morse  (1 x 50.00)
Presented by:  Pamela Roddick

The BROTHER GEORGE TROPHY, awarded to the student who has maintained the highest average in Physics and Chemistry:
Winner :   James Morse (1 x 50.00)
Presented by :  Marc-Andre Daigle

The Central Quebec Administrators Award: presented to a student for academic excellence and for self improvement.
Winner: Alexandra Guay  (1 x 50.00)
Presented by: Steven Dopheide

The American Colony Award (Marilyn Savard Memorial award) presented to a student who has maintained high standards in history and who has exhibited a high degree of school spirit.
Winner:    Olivia Tessier  (1 x 50.00)
Presented by:  ???? / Daniel Awalt

The Fighting Irish Outstanding school spirit award, presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding involvement in the school and has been a positive            example of involvement for other students.                                                   
Winner: Maeve Lawson  (1 X 50.00)
Presented by:  Ann Marie Furlong

THE GOVERNING BOARD AWARD, awarded to two students for general proficiency:
Winners:  Alexandra Laroche & Boris Trudel   (2 x 50.00) Presented by:   John Bertrand

THE STUDENT COUNCIL AWARD, this award is given to students who have:
- Graduated according to the norms of St. Patrick’s High School
- Exhibited outstanding school spirit - herein defined as the utmost willingness to contribute of his/her time and effort to the organization and achievement of  successful activities, organized by the student council.
Winners: Francis O`Brien, Stéphanie Brushett,  Patricia Lalonde, Marc-André Larose   (4 x 25.00)
Presented by:  Debra Shea

THE ST. PATRICK’S CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE COUNCIL AWARD, courtesy of the St. Patrick’s Parish Council, awarded to four female students for high academic standing:
Winners : Mélanie Gilbert, Myriam Gaudreault, Clara Meloche, Alexandra Gosselin-Kitzanuk (4 x 25.00)
Presented by:  Mrs. Therese Coughlin

THE ST. PATRICK’S HIGH SCHOOL STAFF AWARD, for contribution to school life. There are 13 students receiving this award (25.00 each).                                      
Winners: Dominique Gilbert, Tammara Small-Déspres, Sabrina Daessle, Michael Dacres, Mathew Nowak, Shannon Small Déspres, Elodie Lague, Yannick Marek, Stephany Scallen, Emily B. Donovan, Alexandre Painchaud O`Dowd, Jinny Gingras Tremblay & Daniel Georgita  (13 X $25.00)
Presented by:  Melissa Breton,Celine Vallieres, Jason Herron, Jean Pierre Grenier

The ROBERT BROCHU TROPHY, awarded for excellence in English Language Arts
Winner: Elizabeth White  (1 x 50.00)
Presented by:  Robert Brochu

 THE FATHER BILL STEACY TROPHY,  is a trophy is awarded to a boy and a girl who have best exemplified:
1. Christian generosity in contribution towards their class and school
2. Expressing Christianity through the respect of their teachers and peers
3. Willingness to help make extra-curricular activities successful ones and more Christian ones.
4. Understanding and acceptance of others as persons with a willingness to help them when needed.
The following students have been chosen to receive this trophy:
Winners: Marianne Pelletier & Marc-André Charland                           
Presented by :  Esther Paradis (trophy)

 SCHOOL LETTER:  The following students have been awarded the school letter in Secondary V:
James Morse, Stéphanie Brushett, Andréanne Deschênes, Catherine Gagné & Marc-André Charland
Presented by : Robert Lemelin

THE ARTISTIC EXPRESSION AWARD:  This student has shown a development in his or her ability and creativity and the confidence to break down their own barriers:
Winners:  Sandee Jarvis-Guillemette & Clarence Drolet-French   (2 x 25.00$)
Presented by:  Shirley Picknell & Tania Giordano

The Drama Award: given to a student or students who have excelled in co-operative creative leadership producing engaging stage performances:
Winners: Emily B-Donovan & Elizabeth White  
(2 x $25.00)
Presented by:  Margaret Forrest