St.Lawrence Students take a Green Step!

By: Claudia Kedney-Bolduc, Edison Chan, and Elyse Moreau 

In the past few years we have heard about all kinds of environmental issues all across the world such as global warming, melting of glaciers and the endless list goes on... This is why students from St.Lawrence’s PW Sims Business Program are taking actions towards promoting the protection of the environment.

Earth Day was first thought of in 1962, but it was officially recognized in 1970 as an environmental movement. The first goal was to get students to actively participate in helping to keep the environment uncontaminated by pollution. Earth Day was developed by John McConnell in 1969 and since then Earth Day is celebrated by many countries every year on April 22. Earth Day creates awareness about keeping the environment clean and healthy. It informs people about the different ecological measures that can be taken to avoid the unnecessary damages to the planet due to pollution. People all over the world, young and old, have made promises to help the environment and everyone has gotten involved. Since then, Earth Day has spread all over the continents. 

Although we are small in number, St.Lawrence Business students are taking measures to ensure the preservation of the environment. They will be accomplishing this mission by meeting with secondary students at Seminaire St-François (SSF), which is located in Saint-Augustin. The activity will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Monday April 21st. They will be discussing and interacting with students through a PowerPoint presentation relating to the effects of pollution. In order to get the students from SSF to participate in helping the planet, there will be a special “Recycling Olympics” activity organized. It will be educational in encouraging them into future recycling methods. This will also develop their creativity by using “junk” and creating something new out of it. By doing so, their mentality of throwing things away will be modified as they learn to reuse things, and think twice about what they are throwing away. Fabulous prizes will also be awarded, and a student of the winning team will have the chance to win an electric scooter donated by Nikol Poulin Inc. Snacks and drinks will also be provided thanks to McDonald’s sponsorships. To reduce pollution, we as St.Lawrence Business students will be travelling to SSF by yellow bus supplied by Champlain St.Lawrence College.


We agree with this action because it's important for the environement in 2008.  It's not all schools that think about the environment. All schools should concentrate on it because many people forget the importance of the planet.  People don't think about consequences for the future. 

Congratulations St-Lawrence

 Stephanie Lemelin and Melissa Menard from Cegep Limoilou