Spire Restoration Underway at Chalmers-Wesley


As Stuart Wright (not Peter Stuart) mentioned in his Timeless Tall Tale about Baron Munchausen’s horse in last week’s edition, if you happen to look up – sort of sky-line high enough – you will notice that some of the “windows” in the spire of Chalmers-Wesley Church are presently boarded up. This is not a  preparation for Christmas decorations, but a sure sign that the final stage in the Chalmers-Wesley Restoration Program, that began about 15 years ago, is finally underway.

Nobody could argue the pressing need for a face-lift of the 164-foot high tower and spire, as pieces of metal, better know as tôle à la Canadienne kept floating ground-ward, and as faithful readers of the QCT may remember, one of the four 12-foot pinnacles on the tower came crashing down during a storm last March. Not exactly meteoric activity, but almost! So as you can see, things were clearly getting out of hand.

Thanks to the faithful support of the Conseil du patrimoine réligieux du Québec, the Ville de Québec and a number of other generous donors (charitable foundations, members and friends of C-W), enough money has been raised so far to encourage us to start the job. Some preliminary work will be done before Christmas, but the brunt of the work, estimated to cost some $665,000, will be carried out in the spring and summer of 2009.

As the tower and spire is not just for church members, but for all citizens and visitors who adore the old city and its skyline, where the spire is usually front and centre both in real life and on postcards, we would like to appeal to “all of good cheer” out there who might just like to “claim” a piece of the spire through a contribution.

            Any donations can be made payable to: Chalmers-Wesley United Church for “Spire Restoration” and sent to: 78 rue Ste-Ursule, Quebec City, QC, G1R 4E8. Tax receipts are available to all donors. Hopefully, by next Christmas, Ste. Ursule Street will be a safer place! In the meantime, "Happy Restoration."