Somebody has the money, don't they?

Hockey team, what hockey team?

      Looks like a new (old) hockey team in Winnipeg is almost a done deal. They followed the rules , they got a new stadium ( paid mostly for by private money) and they're certainly as enthusiastic as Quebec City fans, if not more. Hockey is a great money maker for any city that has a team and I think it would be great if we had one here. There is one major difference however, between the two cities, from what I can see. Despite the fact that it was mostly private investors that put up the money and despite the fact that no laws were broken, the big difference is, that Winnipeg actually had someone with enough cash to really buy a team. Quebec businessmen don't seem to want to invest in a hockey team, but it would seem to me that having someone to come up with the money and wanting to invest and pay for a hockey club would be the starting point. Quebec City has no buyer, at least not yet. Hellloooo!

      True North Sports is puttin' out the money for the Jets. Who's into laying down the money for the 'Nordiques'? If I want to move somewhere I need someone to buy my house, if I can't find a buyer I ain't movin', simple as that. So in a few years we will have a new arena, built with taxpayers money, Mr. Peladeau to pay for it's upkeep (if we get a team), but no one to actually buy that so far 'phantom' team. So where does that leave us? It leaves us empty handed and with an empty arena. Celine Dion's not interested, (she's a Canadiens fan), the guy who owns Canac-Marquis's not interested, God knows he has enough money, so who else is there in this city?

       Oh yeah, I know who could swing it, our government, or governments;after all they've so far paid for everything else and this is a government city, so it makes sense, doesn't it? But then again Winnipeg is a capital city too. It may just come down to taxpayers money again though, unless someone from another city is willing to put out the money for us.  

       Any rich guy wanna' buy a hockey team in Quebec City? Anybody? Somebody? Come on, we're nice people? You could even change the colour of the team sweaters for orange (popular) or maybe red (risky) or maroon, how about green, for the sake of the environment, that would work.

       I hope a buyer is found soon because a lot of people are going to have egg on their faces if we don't. In the meantime I'll still keep rootin' for the Habs.