To a soldier far from home

It's an open secret that the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph is my favorite forum, so if I'm asked to contribute to a Special Edition for you valiant people in Afghanistan, I'm more than willing. Also, I'm told that a special consignment of copies will be kept aside for soldiers from the Base, and I'm hoping you're one of them.

You people were handed a hard job to do. You're doing it well. That message comes across loud and clear, and you have all the support you need back home.

So much for prelims. Now let's get acquainted.

To begin, I'm a Quebecer; Quebec City, that is. Survived two referendums and no intention of leaving.

I worked for the Chronicle pro bono for ten years, more or less, after retiring from my (Quebec) Civil Service job as translator: first of legislation (at the Assembly), then of anything they could throw at me, in Communications.

Spring has finally hit Quebec. Yesterday, May 17, was what I would consider our first Warm/hot day and it's welcome. Just as long as they don't overdo things (I'm essentially a cold weather type).

As for news, didn't Cardinal Ouellet set the cat amongst the pigeons when he stated that abortion is un justified even following rape. I have yet to read one person who agrees with him; even his clergy and bishops are strangely silent, as the editorialists and TV/radio commentators keep...editorializing and TV/radio-commentating.

Otherwise, things proceed as normal. Labaume's still in office, and I guess he'll remain there - for now...seems they've taken in the first residents at the new St. Brigid's residence (‘bout time)

Space is suddenly at a premium. Could go on, but...

Safe home,
Clive Meredith