Soccer for Cancer

soccer for cancer.JPG
Photo: Hèlene Binette

In order to complete a communication course project we made an event which would somehow help our community. Soccer for cancer was held on Thursday, April 5th. It took place at the Honco Stadium in Charny at 10 pm. The outcome of the event was excellent since our main goal was to have fun and not have lots of profits. We had lots of girls participating in our event which made it very successful since there were enough girls to make two teams. We obtained lots of positive feedback from the girls who have participated and we are thinking of re-doing another event of this kind. The profits we have collected will be sent to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Quebec. In total, we have accumulated approximately $300 of profit.

We would also like to thanks all of our sponsors who made this event happen: Salvatore, Roulottes E. Turmel, Métro, La Cuisine Gaspésienne, SLC contribution and La Fernandière. Thanks to some all sponsors, we were able to have T-shirts to give out to our participants and pay off our expenses. We would also like to thank our special guest, Nicholas Theoderakis, who was the referee for the entire game.