Seniors on the Road

There's plenty in the news these days about seniors on the road -- driving and walking!

When it comes to seniors driving, it can be a very touchy subject. Giving up a privilege that one has had for decades is a tough decision, especially when it lands in the hands of the family, a physician or the police to be the bearer of bad news.  

But there are plenty of people, seniors, who have learned to have a life after dtdriving -- they take the bus, double up with a buddy for errands, or hop in a cab.

I do not have a driver's license, by choice. Some say that should prevent me from having an opinion on the subject. That's their opnion.

Over the past few years, I have watched friends and family members accept a change in lifestyle. And the fact that I know how taxis work, when to call, and that you can in fact order your favourite driver ahead of time, comes in handy.

Are some seniors staying on the road too long? Too late at night? When they are taking too much medication?

Do families take on the issue of a parent's or a grandparent's diminished driving skills? Have you?

Is it something that you're thinking about?

I'd really like to know.