STREET VIEWS: Rue William-Scott

street_william scott1.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

Rue William-Scott is in a quiet residential sector of Cap Rouge, south of Promenade des Soeurs between Rue Arthur Maheux and Rue Jacques-Meilleur.

This street is named in honour of William Scott (1822-?) who was of Irish descent. His first marriage was to Camille Laberge and the second was to Eleonore or Ellen Archer, who was from Ontario. In 1871, he owned land and two houses in Cap-Rouge.

In 1874, Scott owned an inn on Côte de Cap-Rouge. In the following years he and another inn operator who held permits to sell alcohol on their premises complained about the increasing number of bars in Cap-Rouge and requested that the municipal council limit the number of permits to only one or two establishments – theirs, of course! 
Sources: Ville de Québec toponymy and Histoire de raconter: Cap Rouge
William Scott’s inn once occupied this site, now known as Parc de la Forge, on Côte de Cap-Rouge near the corner of Rue Provancher. It and another house were demolished in 1974 in order to widen the street. Parc de la Forge recalls the name of the boutique that was located in the house of Norbert Everall, on the south side of the hill. When the park was redesigned in 2005, a sculpture was installed which evokes the elements of Cap Rouge – the trestle and the river.