"ROBO" riot cop at G20 in Toronto

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The G20 is over, but it is not over until many of these questions are answered by those in command.
Why were citizens surrounded by riot police at Queen/Spadina for 4 hours in heavy rain and not allowed to leave until it was known that it was being broadcast on LIVE TV for everyone to see. I realize there may have been some bad people within the group, but arrest them and let the others go.
I see it all the time in our city when a fire breaks out in an apartment building, the city sends buses within the hour to keep the residents in comfort, why did it take 4 hours for buses to arrive on Sunday night?
Why is it that some police officers had their name tags removed or blackened out during the G20 as reported in the Toronto Star?
There were many officers that I am sure did not like what was going on during the G20, why have they not come forward anonymously and given their side of the story? The good officers may be inclined to quit but please do not we need you.
Why were the people sitting at an intersection RUSHED by police while they sang O'Canada?
These questions and many others need to be answered by those in charge, we don't need the continuous "stock answers" that we keep hearing. This is why we need an independent inquiry and NOW. I beleive I know why they don't want an inquiry, because these tough questions will be asked, and the powers that be, do not want to disclose this information.

I'm sure we all remember this saying/story ...

@dandmb50 - We must not become complacent and give up our Charter rights, ever, it's a slippery slop.

Many people think the G20 is over and just forget about it and let it go. But we must NOT. How does the story go .. The military came forward and shut down the Jew that was peacefully protesting and arrested him, then they got away with it, so they came and took away the Christian for peacefully preaching on the street, arrested and took him away and nobody said anything. Then they came for me, and I wish I had spoken up earlier when they took away the Jew and the Christian. We better all wake up and not let this happen to any of us because we may end up in Torontonomo Bay.

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA       
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