Quebec winters: the real thing!

I just spent the weekend in Quebec city visiting mum and friends. We had the chance to visit the Plains of Abraham and check out the activities, the snow sculptures, and the ice sculptures.

I've been living in Montreal for 15 years now, but in someways, I'm still a Ste. Foy boy at heart. What makes me laugh and shake my head is how Montrealers whine and complain about the snowfall in their city. There's barely four feet here on the ground and you'd think it was a nuclear winter.

Seeing the 8+ foot high snowbanks really brought me back to my youth. There's really no point to winter if we don't get dumped on proper with the white stuff.

And yes, I own a car. No, I don't have a driveway. Yes, I have to park it in the street and go through the parking hell that ensues.

It's all part and parcel, baby. As I get older, the cold seems more biting, but a snow-covered landscape always brings me back.