Quebec High School Burns Up the Soccer Provincial Finals

Expectations were high this year for the Senior Blazers soccer team of Quebec High School as they went to the finals while also playing host to the regional championships on their home field against the St-Jean Eudes Condors.
After an impressive 4–1 win in the semifinals over St. Louis, fans and players were eager for an exciting match last week.
Within the first moments of the game, “we went up 2-0,” said Ed Sweeney, though the opposition answered quickly with a goal to cut the lead in half.
At that point team coach Danny Weston, a long time staff member, pushed the team to realize that they needed to adjust their comfort levels, as two goals could come back against them just as easily.
With graduation, many of the players faced the reality that this might be the “last game you could play – we got another 40 minutes left of the season, so put in everything you have” said Sweeney.
“They responded well to that and put in the work,” said Sweeney. The result? A dominating 7–1 win over the Condors.
The victory was impressive for the 385 students of Quebec High School, which had organized a total of five school soccer teams, with two of those teams reaching the qualifiers.
Among the players participating were three from the EF program, an exchange program for students that allows them to study abroad. With a total of 12 students from eight different countries at the school, the senior team included two students from Germany and another from Italy.
Players from Europe, where it is possible to play soccer year round, add a different dynamic to the team, said Sweeney. With Canada’s long winters, the soccer season here only lasts through September and October.As well as showing an aptitude for the sport, the exchange students were keen to have the opportunity to “integrate into sport life,” said Sweeney.
It was important that the newcomers “felt opportunity in an inclusive setting” while “bringing them together.”Students on the team “gain some notoriety” in the school, which is certainly adds to the experience. It is certain these students will be noticed while walking down the hall after having won the championship.
Coach Weston has always taken strides to make sure that everyone felt like they are a part of the team and the win certainly made the all the students, especially those at QHS on exchange, feel that the “time that we spent here was worthwhile” said Sweeney.