Quebec athlete gathers with the Scots in Perth-Andover

quebec athletesj132016.jpg
Photo: Sandy Lalancette

Sandy Lalancette prepares to throw the stone over the bar at the Perth-Andover Highland Games competition. 

Sandy Lalancette, who is on the organizing committee of the Quebec City Celtic Festival, attended the Gathering of the Scots in Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, in early June. Competing in an international Highland Games competition was a first for this woman from Quebec City. 

Lalancette said, “I finished last [out of six competitors] but I had such a great time there. I was not expecting more than that. I knew the girls were good and at least three of them have been throwing for quite a while. The other beginner does powerlifting so she is very strong too.

“People from the village are very nice and the ambiance was amazing,” added Lalancette. “I was very impressed by the other girls. Two of them are going to the World Championships in Chicago in August. They helped me a lot and gave me very good advice. The judge was very friendly and also gave me advice.

“We did the open stone; the heavy and the light weight for distance, the heavy and light hammer (I hate the hammer!!), the stone over the bar and the caber.

“Sadly, I was unable to throw the caber; the technique behind tossing the caber is very hard to get. This competition was not an amateur one so they did not give me any second chances or passe droit. I had to try it as professionals do it. I am hoping to find the money to have a female division [at the Festival Celtique Highland Games] in Quebec City this year. If so, I should be one of the participants but we need to find the money first. 

“I came back home full of determination for next year and I hope to have the opportunity to throw more and more in the future. I will start training outside throwing kettlebells and will work very hard at the gym to get stronger.”

The Festival Celtique de Québec will take place from August 18 to 21. For details, visit  The Highland Games will take place at the Parc de l’Esplanade on August 20.