QHS Alumni gather in Toronto to remember the good times


Tasi Farquhar (Adamakis), Janet Buntin (Conroy), Robert Burgess, Dorothy Marcil, Mac Henderson, Heather Fraser, Colin Angus, Dick Burgess, Steve Soulis, Don Harriet, Peter Jones, Gavin (Butch) Nealson, Helene Angers, Richard Somenzi, Morgan Cleyn, Rick Prevost, Joan Guay.

A gathering of the Quebec High School Alumni and Friends took place June 17 at the York Station Bar of the Royal York Hotel. As always, we were treated like royalty by our hostess and a special surprise was the arrival of Don Harriet from Quebec City, via the West Coast. The Alumni gathered to remember good times and special events that took place....pictures come out of way back when. Colin Angus, who takes the time to be in touch with just about everybody, gave news of those not present. My thanks to Richard for organizing this annual event and to Morgan for arranging dinner at a super restaurant on Front St. Enjoy the picture and look forward to seeing many more at the Golf Tournament on September 17 in Vineland.