QCT has cameo in cross-border comedy "Super Troopers 2"

1820_super troopers.jpg
Photo: Peter Black

Veteran actor Brian Cox seems to have found something shocking in the pages of the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. The paper has a cameo in the comedy feature Super Troopers 2.

You’d have to be quick or lucky to spot it, but the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph has a minor role in a popular comedy feature film that’s been streaming on the Crave movie channel.

In Super Troopers 2, the Aug. 17, 2016, edition of North America’s oldest newspaper can be seen in the hands of veteran Scottish actor Brian Cox, who plays a hapless Vermont state trooper police chief in the film, released in theatres in April 2018. Cox’s character appears to be astounded by something he sees as he opens the paper.

The QCT’s distinctive masthead typeface is what catches the eye, but the headline of that edition of the paper – “Dîner en Blanc at Manoir Montmorency” – is discernible with a deft touch of the pause button on a TV remote control to freeze the picture.

The QCT’s cameo role in the movie is no accident. In August 2016, Rebecca Greene, the art department co-ordinator for the movie, “a sequel to the very popular cult classic Super Troopers,” contacted the newspaper with the following pitch: “Most of the film takes place up in Quebec and there is a scene where one of our characters is reading/holding a newspaper. We thought it would be great to use an actual newspaper from the area like the Chronicle-Telegraph. Would you be interested in providing us with copies of your printed paper?”

QCT editor Shirley Nadeau readily agreed to the request and sent a stack of papers off to the location in Ware, Massachusetts, where the film was being shot, a stand-in for the fictional Quebec town of Saint-Georges-du-Laurent. Nadeau says she hadn’t really thought about the request made over three years ago until last week when a keen-eyed QCT fan spotted the paper in the movie.

According to industry reports, major studios were reluctant to finance a sequel to a movie made in 2001. The producers/actor group Broken Lizard promoting Super Troopers 2 launched a crowd-sourcing campaign that raised nearly $5 million towards the $13.5 million production cost.

According to box office mojo, the movie more than covered its cost by the third day of release and went on to earn more than $30 million during its 77 days in theatres.

Besides Cox, who on Jan. 5 won a Golden Globe for his role as the iron-fisted media patriarch in HBO’s Succession, notable names in the film are former Wonder Woman Linda Carter and perennial handsome heel Rob Lowe. Canadians Tyler Labine and Will Sasso play Mounties, while Montreal-born, Toronto-raised Emmanuelle Chyriqui plays a Québécoise double secret agent.

New York Times critic Glenn Kenny gave a generally positive review of the goofy film, saying, “It gets its slapstick from the Three Stooges, its non sequitur verbal mojo from the less-cerebral routines of the Firesign Theater, with a dash of Monty Python tossed in. The troupe’s bro rambunctiousness stems from National Lampoon’s Animal House, but the crude sexual humour, thankfully I’d have to say, mostly sticks to the mocking of male genitalia.”