QAC Thankful for Community Support

The props are packed, the scripts returned, and life is returning to normal for the cast and crew of the QAC’s recent production of “South Pacific”.  We would be remiss, however, in not explicitly thanking the community for its support of our activities.  After all the long hours of rehearsals and lengthy preparations ranging from costumes to set design, it would not have been worthwhile if we had not had an audience for whom to perform.  Attracting good audiences is a challenge for theatres everywhere, but even more so for English-language performances here in Quebec City.  Putting on quality shows helps (and we think that we are succeeding here), but community turnout is vital, as is getting the message out to our public, including both long-time regulars and those who have never seen a QAC production – or even know that we exist!  Thus, we are doubly appreciative of the overwhelming attendance of our recent show as well as the publicity and coverage provided by the QCT, the CBC, Radio Canada and the VEQ.   Thanks to all and keep spreading the word!


Ladd Johnson

Communication Director

The Quebec Art Company