QAC Presents Agatha Christie Mystery this Week

Photo: Ladd Johnson

Members of the cast of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Nile" are shooting for good show this week. From left to right, Allison Hart Lengyel, Shelia Mawn, Jonathan Letellier-Black, Katherine Burgess, Simon Harvey, Sarah Côté-Dionne, Brian Skidmore, and Jane Dickinson. 

Murder, intrigue and a vindictive love triangle converge this week in the Quebec Art Company's fall production of Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Nile." Set on a river steamboat, the play brings together an odd assortment of personalities, almost all with potentially lethal motives. Shots ring out, and not one, but two deaths follow. The mystery deepens, and it appears that only the wisdom of Canon Pennefather can shed light on the identity and motives of the killer. To bring this work to fruition, the QAC has assembled a cast of 13, led by Mark Lepitre, who is becoming a familiar and successful director for the company.

The cast and crew are an interesting mix of QAC regulars and a number of new faces. The talented Sheila Mawn is back in a leading role and has brought along her twin sister Audrey to help backstage. She was "dying to get back on stage" (a dangerous thing to say in a murder-mystery) and is delighted to be working again with Lepitre. Brian Skidmore, a long-time QAC member, is back as well after having thought his acting days might be over. Over half the cast is, however, new blood (ouch - another bad mystery pun!) with both homegrown and imported talent joining the QAC.

Among a suite of new locals, Simon Harvey is appearing for his first time on the stage after having just learned about the QAC at the recent Fall Fest. He admits to being a bit nervous, but claims that "it's been a great experience and I am having a lot of fun." From afar, Katherine Burgess brings years of experience in community theatre to her role as the canon, but her day job as a Presbyterian minister should help as well in her preparations for this ecclesiastical role. For her, the chance to perform in an Agatha Christie play is a "dream come true," and she has been impressed by the passion and professionalism of the QAC. Months of preparations will now culminate in four performances that will be held at the Holland Elementary School, starting this Thursday evening and ending with a Sunday matinee (see Community Calendar for details). If you are a fan of community theatre or classic mysteries, come out and join them to find out "whodunit."

Evening performances will be held at the Holland Elementary School (940, rue Ernest-Gagnon, Québec) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, December 2-4 at 8:00 p.m. with a matinee performance on Sunday December 5 at 2:00 p.m. To reserve tickets ($10 adults; $7 65+, -18), please call 418 254-6552.