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The story behind Rue Françoise-Aubut


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Photo: Screenshot from Google maps

This street is named in honour of Françoise Aubut (1922-1984), an organist and music teacher who was born in Saint-Jérôme. She was the great-granddaughter of Calixa Lavallée (1842-1891), who is best known for composing the music for “O Canada,” which officially became Canada’s national anthem in 1980.


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Photo: Wikipedia Commons - Public Domain

January 30, 1820 – The Quebec Gazette
Imports and Exports

How prepared are we to face an epidemic?

Be afraid. Be very afraid. A new killer virus has health officials around the world quaking in their boots.

Every now and then, someone comes out with a list of possible end-of-the-world, or at least end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it scenarios. The list always includes a deadly mutant virus.

A full house and stage for an amazing concert at the Grand Théâtre

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Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The stage of the Grand Théâtre was filled to capacity on Jan. 22 and 23 as the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, augmented for the first time by Les Violons du Roy, presented Igor Stavinsky’s Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) – a revolutionary work in the history of music and dance. The monumental work required the presence of an impressive number of instruments on stage.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Photo: Wikipedia Commons - Public Domain

Groundhog Day – Feb. 2 – hints at spring. It’s not here yet, but it soon will be. The days are getting noticeably longer, and there’s something in the air.

In Europe, it was thought to be the day when hibernating creatures began to emerge from their dens – something worth celebrating at a time of year when food was scarce and a chubby groundhog might become a nourishing stew.

Zero-waste food store opens in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

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Photo: Photo by Lise Lafond

Zero-waste food stores are opening up all around the Quebec City area. Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier is following the trend and residents now have their own zero-waste food and health store.

IHQ offers condolences to the Kerwin family

Photo: CBC Radio

Irish Heritage Quebec has lost a faithful member and friend in Terry Kerwin who passed away on January 25. Terry Kerwin served as president of the Défilé de la Saint-Patrick de Québec. He also served on the Board of Trustees of St. Patrick’s Parish. He recently chaired the Board of Governors of Champlain Regional College which includes the Lennoxville Campus, the St.

It’s a wrap for another successful Christmas Hamper Campaign

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Photo: Katherine Burgess

Thanks to the efforts of 186 volunteers, the 24th annual Community Christmas Hamper Campaign (CCHC) is coming to a successful close. We extend our thanks to all of the volunteers – members of the organizing committee, and community members who picked up the donations of non-perishables from various points around the city, sorted these donations, packed the boxes and, finally, delivered them.

200 years of boat people


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Photo: Ruby Pratka

If you ever go to Dublin, extricate yourself from touristy Temple Bar. Cross one of the many bridges over the River Liffey, turn right and pass the Customs House. You should see them by then – half a dozen sculptures of a family, in tattered clothes, as thin- and weak-looking as dead trees, confronting the viewer with a haunting, hunted gaze.

Community Calendar

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