The Party's Over.


Quebec City's 400 anniversary is over. The last fireworks have been set off, the last songs have been sung, the last dances have been danced, and now unfortunately, it's time to get back to the business of actually running the city. I was able to partake in many of the celebrations, and they were all wonderful, especially VEQ's 400th Gala. All the goings on were great and for a great cause. But when I hear Mr. Labeaume wants to continue the "Moulin des Images" and indeed some of the other shows that were successful, I kind of wonder if he's not just trying to extend the party forever. All these events were for a specific purpose, and continuing them only defeats the purpose.

The blue collar workers have a contract which needs to be rectified, the bus drivers are now starting negotiations, but nothing seems to be happening. The pressure tactics are trying us all with uncleaned streets, slippery sidewalks, and shoddy garbage pick-up services. The mayor just announced that taxes will be increased this year and yet what do we have to show for it. Quebec City's streets are usually very well maintained, and we have a fantastic snow removal program, and I would like those things back. So please Mr. Labeaume, negotiate, retaliate, contemplate, do what you have to do to solve this problem. I know you're mister tough guy and I understand your desire to put Quebec City on the map. But a city buried in snow or garbage is a reflection of it's people and it's administration, and isn't too flattering for tourists. So if you want the party to continue, which I think is a mistake, and you want tourists to go home with fond memories of Quebec City, start by having the city's workers back on the job, doing the work they do so well. Life goes on after partys, and we citizens, (or at least this citizen) wants things back to normal. Do your job Mr. Labeaume or soon someone else will be doing it for you. JP