The overrated and overused adjective.


Voila, a new year is upon us. Out come the resolutions that no one will keep. Out come the promises, that no one will act upon, and out come the eating habits that supposedly will change your life, but probably won't be adhered to anyway, so no they won't change your life.

Instead of trying to make all these non-binding, empty self-assertions, why don't we just try to speak better. We won't have to enroll in anything, won't have to sign up for anything and it would take very little physical effort. The English language is taking a beating on the world stage, as are other languages too; but my concern is for English. Firstly, the abbreviated text messaging, (aka e-mailing) has become common place, and I think some people actually think 'before' is really written 'B4'. This is but one example of many, of course. Secondly, the use of verb tenses. Anybody who uses the internet can see that comments from around the world in English are very limited when it comes to verb tenses; the 'present tense' being the most popularly overused. And what about those double negatives, and the 'slang'?

Thirdly, and the one closest to my ears is the use of the adjective 'AWESOME'. Everything has become awesome in our world. Indeed everyone is in 'awe' of something. Maybe we just don't get out enough. I'm sure we can find a new adjective to describe things in 2010. How about the good old, 'fabulous', or 'spectacular', or 'amazing'. How about anything but 'awesome'! Let's use our imaginations instead of just stereotyping. Everything isn't awesome. I think each situation probably has it's own specific adjective, or if not, we could certainly find an appropriate one, if we racked our brains a little. Of course I myself do all these things, so I'm not pinpointing anyone here, but for me 2010 is the year of the adjective. I am putting a bullet through the 'W' in awesome and going to try and use something else more descriptive. But is there anything more descriptive than awesome? Of course there is. If you hear me using the 'said' adjective, don't be shy, please correct me; that would be an awesome, oops I mean wonderful, thing to do.