Let’s open up Mother’s Day!

Photo: Lise Lafond

A whitetail doe and her fawns graze near a pond outside Quebec City.

I would like to open up the boundaries of Mother's Day to include the many women who will never be identified by that beautiful word, "MOM." I find the word "MOM" is big enough for many women to hug it close.

Many women who aren't mothers play an important role in children's lives in many different ways, and there are many reasons for us to share Mother's Day with these wonderful women. For example, in Quebec every year more than 20,000 women miscarry and are robbed of the chance to be called "MOM."

I would like to tell these women that they have the right to this wonderful title. In their hearts they will always be moms. For them, an organization called Les Perséides holds an annual walk on Mother's Day in Quebec City. For more information, visit http://acclesperseides.wix.com/perseides#!marche-des-perseides/c5lm

With so many combined families, many stepmothers are also filling a void without recognition or understanding. Taking care of children day after day that are not their own, although they love them as their own, is what a real mom does. Each Mother's Day, these women are reminded that these children are not their own. Knowing that they will never be called "Mom" or receive a card on this special day can be deeply hurtful.

I think of friends who are foster parents and women taking care of children around the world. I feel we should include them in Mother's Day festivities. Teachers, bus drivers, nurses, aunts, cousins, and daycare workers also look after children perhaps without having had the privilege of giving birth to children of their own.

So many women make a difference in the life of a child, and I know the joy and the happiness that can come from the gesture of recognition. This is why I have made a card that enables us to thank these wonderful women. We may thank someone who played a key role in our own life, and/or we may encourage children we know to do so.

For all these reasons I think we should share with these special women the day we call Mother's Day.

Editor's note: Scroll down to see a card designed by Lise Lafond and the QCT, which you can download, print, and share with women who have made an impact in your own life.


You may download 2 versions of Mother's Day Cards to print out. Click on image to download:

Version 1 (double-sided postcard; 4 cards per page)

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Version 2 (greeting card; 1 card per page; fold to make card)