Opéra de Québec stages audience favourite, Puccini’s Tosca

Photo: Kasia Borkowska

Gianna Corbisiero (Floria Tosca) and Thiago Arancam (Mario Cavaradossi) in a scene from Act I. Tosca enters the church where Cavaradossi is at work painting a portrait of Mary Magdalene. Jealous Tosca, convinced that Cavaradossi has just enjoyed a secret rendezvous with a woman whom the portrait resembles, sulks until he delivers an impassioned declaration of his love for her. 

Giacomo Puccini saw Victorien Sardou's 1887 French-language play La Tosca in 1889 when it was first performed in Rome. He immediately recognized the play's melodramatic ingredients - love, intrigue, murder and suicide - as ideal material for an opera.