Football to start up soon at St. Pat’s

Spring is finally here! The home stretch may be upon us, but things are still going strong at St. Pat’s.

In sports the basketball season has ended, with the Fighting Irish junior boys taking home a banner, but the rugby season is starting up, with tryouts being held this week. The junior football team has already started to practice, and they are holding a weekend camp May 3 and 4, as well as day camps during the summer. For more information, contact coach Stéphane Trudel at the school.

The beginning of April was a busy time for the growing number of musicians at the school as they attended the CQSB Arts Festival. The following day, April 4, treated us to a very successful talent show, raising well over $1,000 for our graduates and improvements to audio-visual equipment.

Talent Show 2008 featured a large number of highly talented students and a handful of very dedicated teachers who entertained us with a variety of fantastic performances. The next morning some of those tired-but-happy performers finished off their musical weekend in St-Augustin at Viens Jazzer avec Nous.

Student council is not slowing down, and we have just finished a penny drive to raise funds for Adopt a Village, an aid project for Africa started last year. The competition was fierce, and in the end, although the final tally is till pending, student council expects to have raised $1,000! The last day of the penny drive was also Hawaiian Day at St. Pat’s. Everyone welcomed the warm weather dressed in their best Hawaiian attire, while student council treated us to fresh pineapple and strawberries as hula-hoop and limbo contests were held in the gym. It was great fun – thank you to all who organized this event!