Quebec City is an important cultural destination

The trip always begins with the circling of the vehicle looking, of course, for the really obvious stuff. Flat tires, loose parts, muffler hanging off, that kind of thing.

Then of course comes the muttering to oneself, mentally reviewing the “did I forget anything important before I leave” list.

I agree with Denise Aiken: Quebec City is an amazing cultural destination. There are always tourists from all aroud the world who come and see the city, especially with the 400 anniversary of Quebec.


Pascale from Limoilou


I agree with the fact that whenever you go on trip, you'll always forget something at home ... I think that your introduction was funny because everybody will find a little bit of themselves inside the first part of your article.

 Travelling to another city is always fun because you discover a whole new culture. The restaurants are different, the stores, the streets and it's fascinating to be in a city that is not yours. I understand why you are talking about Quebec City like this. This town is special for me as we can find a little bit of many ethnical groups in the same street.

 Quebec City is a wonderful town !!!

Sophie from Limoilou