Successful Art Exhibit at Last

Photo: Etienne Parent

Painting made with coffee by Micheline Pruneau

An Art Exhibit at the Polyvalente de l'Ancienne-Lorette just before the show ‘'Pimp my Song'' was organised to show off the talent of a few artists and for the final term project for the communications class.

Despite the presence of only six artists, there were numerous genres on display, including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, photographs, ink drawings, scrapbook albums and so on. What the guests enjoyed about this event was that, before going to the show they were able to appreciate the art of others instead of simply waiting in line.

One type of art that especially caught the attention of the guests because of its originality was that one artist, Micheline Pruneau, had three of her paintings done with coffee. The artists were able to show their talents to more than 50 people.