A Great Badminton Tournament

Badminton Tournament Organised by St.Lawrence Students

Photo: Anthony Faucher

A participant who won a Popeye Nutritional Supplement t-shirt.

On April 15th 2010, a badminton tournament was held at the Polyvalente Benoit-Vachon inSte-Marie de Beauce. The event was set up to allow people to play and improvetheir badminton skills. From 7pm to 9pm, eight teams competed in this firstedition of the badminton tournament. At the registration table, a videofeaturing Nick Theodorakis was presented to participants to help them improve theirskills. More specifically, it presented techniques to be used by an individual playerand as a team. Also, participation prizes were given out to the participants asa reward for being part of our sport event. On the picture beside, you can seea participant who won a Popeye Nutritional Supplements t-shirt. The tournamentwas sponsored by St.Lawrence College, Popeye Nutritional Supplements, and the Cityof St-Marie which granted free access to the gymnasium. Therefore, thetournament was a great success and the participants enjoyed the night.