Digital is the way to travel

It was the low angle of the bright sunlight that got me out so early on this windy and cold spring morning. I wanted to try out my new digital camera on scenery. I should have worn a scarf or an extra sweater because as soon as I got out of the car in the wind-swept parking lot on the waterfront I felt the chill. It was cold but exhilarating.

At this early hour I did not have to vie with other clicking tourists to position for the best vantage points to capture subjects on the camera's memory card. I thought I might capture a few seascapes with sailboats but the cold must have kept them at the marina. I decided to walk around old Quebec.

My stroll began on Côte de la Montagne and I was immediately faced with beautiful scenes to photograph. I clicked away as I climbed the steep hill capturing numerous souvenirs. One had to look in front, sideways, backwards and skyward as you walked, so as not to miss the mood changes from shadows and sunlight at different angles. The architecture in old Quebec is the most historic and beautiful to be found in North America.
From sixty-nine snaps that I was certain would all be award-winning photos, I saved twenty-nine that I think are pretty good, even though I seem to have seen better photos of the same scenes somewhere before. It was probably on postcards or in magazines?

I have surprised my family and friends numerous times by delivering photos through e-mail taken only minutes before. Most of them have computers with servers for e-mail. You have to be careful of the resolution you use taking your photos. I once sent 25 photos of a family outing using a very high resolution setting and ended up blocking some recipient's e-mail boxes for days. They are just now starting to talk to me again but the pictures were excellent.

It's amazing that there are so many lens opening options in a size that will fit in your pocket or purse. I'm hooked on my digital camera. With my old camera I could take a maximum of 36 poses before having to change a roll of expensive film that you paid to have developed. Now I can obtain from 96 to 3,500 shots on the same card depending on the resolution selected.

I plan to return during a late afternoon to photograph the same scenes with a different sunlight angle. Foliage lends more beauty to a scene but also hides a lot of worthwhile subjects from view. Please don't be too critical if you happen to see some of my photos, I am only an amateur photographer and stand behind a long line of professionals before me.

Keep clicking.