VEQ feels Winds of Change

VEQ Photos2010_107.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of VEQ

Sharon MacLeod second from the left, was guest speaker for VEQ Winds of Change event held March 24th. Others in the photo are Melanie MacDonald, Shirley Jobson, Connie Dubé

Newcomers to Quebec City came together on March 24th for Winds of Change, an annual workshop aimed at providing support, understanding and methods of adapting into a new culture. Seasoned newcomers, like this year's guest speaker Sharon MacLeod, of Jeffery Hale Community Services, share their past adventures of integrating to an attentive audience appreciative of the challenges many face upon arrival. As is almost always the case with each Wind's session, friendships are formed, enabling newcomers to establish a support network that often leads to long term retention in the region. This workshop was presented in partnership with Jeffery Hale Community Services (Shirley Jobson, Connie Dubé), VEQ and the Community Health and Social Services Network. For more information on Winds of Change, or other Finding Your Niche for Newcomers' events, please contact the Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ) at 418 683-2366.