A Great Project for Vision School Rive-Sud

Mar 12 Rive-Sud Vision School .jpg

Every year, Vision School Rive-Sud does a project that is called the multi-cultural project, during which the students discover different countries. For many of my fellow students, it was the best project because we did research on the Internet, made crafts, and hosted a big presentation.

Last Wednesday, February 20, we officially launched our annual multi-cultural project, this year focusing on the 400th anniversary of Quebec.

Students from every class in the school presented the themes they will be working on, ranging from the evolution of toys by the pre-K classes, to the First Nations by the Grade 3 students, to the war on the Plains of Abraham by the Grade 4 students. Students from Grade 2 and Grade 6 presented traditional Québécois dances to put us in the spirit of the festivities.

We also had a visitor, a character from 1755, whose name was Marie-Madeleine Delisle. She described how people lived in her time period. It was very interesting.

Congratulations to all the teachers and students on their hard work, and we hope to see you on June 18, when we will open our doors to the public who will be invited to come admire all of our discoveries.