Excerpts from Les Annales de l’Asile du bon-Pasteur de Québec on St. Patrick’s Day of old in Québec City

Another entry of our Annals is dated March 17th, 1875: This year, as in other years, we had an order for banners, decorations, etc. for the Irish feast day. The procession did not come here as it usually does since we have been working for them, because of the strong wind that did not allow the raising of the banners, or perhaps because of the divergence of opinions among the Irish concerning their parish church. We placed a white banner over our convent door with the words Céad mille failthe !!! which translates in English: 100,000 welcomes!!!

1900, March 17 The "Saint-Patrice" today, no classes for the students of Irish origin.

1914 We raised banners on rue Lachevrotière to salute the Irish procession which will come down the corner of rue St-Amable. Those amongst us who lived during the time of Our Father Mgr Cazeau, who was so loved by the Irish, remember that they often stopped in front of our house. Once, small girls, standing on the steps in front of our convent door, greeted the group with flowers and flags, while one of them gave the President of the Sociey a rolled parchment containing the best wishes and congratulations of the personnel of the entire Institute.
Excertps from Les Annales de l'Asile du bon-Pasteur de Québec