78th Fraser Highlanders celebrate Robbie Burns with traditional Scottish Haggis

Robbie Burns 251st birthday party at the Garrison Club on rue St-Louis was again a success, despite the fact that the guest of honor was again absent.

"We had 56 people and they enjoyed the party," said Ted Gunn of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. "People had a good time. We did things a little differently.We had different people doing different things."

Gunn said the idea of using different people to stage the celebration of the late Scottish poet's anniversary helps keep the event from going stale.

"More people got involved this year and we're quite satisfied," he said. "Everybody enjoyed the meal and the music."

Among those in attendance was former Central Quebec School Board President and current Deputy Mayor Michele Morin Doyle.

All told 56 people attended and between $2,500 and $3,000 was raised.

All photos by Louise Gunn


Lt. Richard Mackay, Lt. Marc Lestage, Major Erik Plourde, Deputy Mayor Michelle Morin-Doyle, Lt.Col. (H) Guy Morisset, Capt.Lt. Ted Gunn, Rev. Katherine Burgess, Capt. Alan Stairs, Lt. Hamish Williamson


Lieutenant Richard Mackay during the French version of the Adress to the Haggis.


Lieutenant James Hamish Williamson slice through the haggis during his Adress in Auld Scottish.


Lieutenant Marc Lestage gives his most excellent Toast to he Lassies


Ms. CĂ©line Couture during her sublime rendition of the Reply to the Laddies.


Parade of a Haggis !