QAC Auditions for “Nude with Violin”

Photo: Public domain -- George Grantham Bain collection

Noël Coward, playwright of "Nude with Violin", ca. 1920's

As announced last fall, the Quebec Art Company will be performing the Noël Coward comedy “Nude with Violin” this spring and is holding auditions for the play later this week (see details in the Community Calendar).  Following a very successful 2009 season, the company hopes to continue this tradition into the new year and is very pleased with the general interest that the play has generated among veteran members of the company as well as potential newcomers to the QAC stage.  The play calls for a cast of 14, balanced almost equally among male and female roles.  Back at the helm is Mark Lepitre who made his directorial debut in last season’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man”.  He is excited to be back for another production and is ready to take on the challenges of working with a larger cast. 


Coward was an English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer, known for his wit and flamboyant style. These traits are abundantly evident in this work, which is essentially a satire on “Modern Art” and the art world in general.  First performed in 1956, this work did not have the same success as his more popular plays of the pre-war era (such as “Blythe Spirit”, performed by the QAC in 2004).  Still, the themes addressed in the play resonate even today and should provide ample entertainment for audiences in just four short months.  Dates are already set with three performances available to the general public on April 30 and May 1& 2 – mark your calendars!