Coach Alejandro Hasbani is confident that the 2010 season will be an excellent year for the Kebs

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Photo: Joannie Gagne

(Left to right)Jonas Pierre, Yul Michel & Louis-Patrick Levros

The Quebec City Kebs one of the two Canadian basketball teams in the Premier Basketball League (PBL) signed local favourites Jonas Pierre (6’10"center), Louis-Patrick Levros(LP) (6’10 forward)and Yul Michel (6’2" Point Guard) for the 2010 season. Coach Alejandro Hasbani is confident that the 2010 season will be an excellent year for the Kebs ‘We have several strong players returning and many new faces on the court. The training camp has really been a great experience we are fine tuning our skills and playing as a team.’

Jonas Pierre, a local from Montreal will play its fourth season with the Quebec City Kebs. When Coach Hasbani was asked to describe Jonas Pierre, his response was "Jonas is a big man and a fierce force on the court, he is fast and a key part of our defensive strategy. His history with the Kebs and PBL is certainly an advantage for the team." In 2009, the PBL voted Jonas Pierre as the best co-defensive player leading the PBL in blocks and establishing the PBL record with 42 blocks. He was also recognised for his rebounding placing 6th overall in the league. Last season, Jonas Pierre’s best games were against the Manchester Millrats. On January 4, 2009, he set the PBL record for a single game by blocking 11 shots, scoring 12 pts and grabbing 14 rebounds. On January 25, 2009, against the same team he recovered 21 rebounds!

When Pierre was asked why he chose to play again with the Quebec City Kebs he responds ‘Of course we receive calls from other teams, but we stay here because we see the potential and the difference we can make with the Kebs… there are quite a few of the players from last year returning, but the addition of new players Like Joe and Milton has been smooth. We are really coming together as a team.’

Louis-Patrick Levros (LP), a Montreal native has signed on to play for the Kebs, 2010 will be LP Levros’s third year playing with the Kebs, taking 2009 to play with the Montreal Sasquatch, before the team was released from the PBL. When asked why he decided to come back to the Kebs, LP Levros says ‘When people think of Quebec or Canada athletes they think hockey, overlooking or often unaware that there are many great basketball players in Canada.  I think it`s great that one of the Kebs main goals is to give local and national youth and opportunity to develop professionally. I love playing for the Kebs, they are a solid team with lots of talent and this year is going to be drastic improvement from last year … definitely aiming for over 500.’ Head Coach Hasbani describes LP Levros as ‘an explosive athlete that runs the floor and likes to attack the rim. He has a great vision on the court and takes advantage of opportunities for the team to drive to the basket.’

 When discussing the 2010 team Jonas Pierre and LP Levros both agree the addition of Head Coach Alejandro Hasbani is already paying off. ‘This year our training camp is more challenging. I am sure it will pay off this season on the court. We will definitely be ready for the start of the season,’ states LP Levros. Jonas Pierre is confident that the new game schedule strategy for the 2010 will bring a higher level to the game. He is also anxious to see the talent from the new teams. ‘I am really curious about the players from Puerto Rico, I know they have a lot of good players there, I mean they beat the US Olympic team.’

Coach Hasbani is confident that the lightning quick Point Guard, Yul Michel will add to the Kebs successful game playing in 2010. ‘He is very intelligent, and has the experience I am looking for from a point guard, as he will be the coach on the court adding the depth and drive we require. Plus, he is a great 3 point shooter.’ When asked of his vision for the Quebec City Kebs in 2010, Yul Michel says ‘ the Kebs have gained a lot of experience since joining the PBL. This year you will see the experience and
power on the court.’


The Quebec City Kebs is a professional basketball team that competes in the Premier Basketball League (PBL). Composed of 9 teams from Halifax, Oklahoma, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Buffalo, Rochester, Puerto Rico and Quebec, the PBL is based in North America placing only second in popularity to the NBA and its subsidiaries. The Quebec City Kebs are the only professional basketball team in the Quebec province and 2010 will be the start of their 4th professional season. The 2010 season begins January 2nd. For more information go to the Quebec City Kebs website
or call 418-522-0440