Canadian Student Leadership Conference

What is CLSC? It's the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. This year's edition marked the 25th anniversary of the event held in Olds, Alberta, from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3. Three students from St. Patrick's High School participated in this event: Alex Delisle, James McCollough-Gilbert and Francis O'Brien. Describing this conference to someone who hasn't attended can be difficult, but what follows is an attempt to do so.

When the three students boarded a plane last September, they didn't know what was in store for them, expect for the usual fare for a gathering of this nature: guest speakers, workshops and a couple hundred students from all across Canada ready to enjoy the experience. As part of the pre-conference, the students in attendance took a sightseeing trip Banff. Returning to Calgary, they met the conference hosts in preparation for the experience.

The trip to the airport quickly showed the three St. Patrick's students what to expect. Along with a few other students from other provinces, they cheered other delegates arriving at the airport for the conference - at one of Canada's busiest airports. The scene typified a week that was loud, enthusiastic and exhausting.

After the first day in the conference, there were over 600 students and 200 teachers everything, all enthusiastic about participating.
Each morning, the conference participants would meet to hear various guest speakers, including Tyler Durham, Phil Boyte, Brian Keating and Louis Kent, among the motivating speakers. There were various workshops how to obtain free goods from sponsors, how to properly plan an event, team building, fundraising strategies, and applying effective communication within schools.

The event included a variety of events, including a visit to Calgary and, on another evening, a "tight and bright" dance which consisted of delegates wearing bright colourful clothes and going to a huge Much Music video dance!

At the closing ceremonies, students were enthusiastic about returning home and trying to make a difference, to pass on what they learned at the conference.