Letter to the Editor from Montreal

I have been a reader of your newspaper for a while now. I find it a good read.

The reason I'm writing to you now is simple. Amongst all the effort to supposedly save the French language, I believe that the English language is actually being threatened. And the latest example that inspired me to write this is at one of Montreal's historic sites: Dorchester Square.

It's a landmark that dinsctinctly establishes the English culture in the City of Montreal. There are renovations being done on the Square, and more importantly on the monuments.
Those monuments had the inscriptions written in English, and it seems as though now it's to be written only in French, as if to somehow erase any trace that this city and province were equally founded by the English as well as French.
Can you please write an article on this?

I believe in bilingualism, and I fear that if we don't make an issue out of this situation, and we allow the defacing of these monuments, then we're allowing the erasure of the anglophone community in Quebec, and allowing the francophone nationalists to continue to lay claims to the non-existence of English history in Quebec.

Michele Fabio