Paganism on dislplay at Musée de la civilisation de Québec

The Musée de la civilisation de Québec (MCQ) and the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) have signed their first partnership agreement to create a uniquely Canadian version of "god(s): A User's Guide".

Originally created by Tempora for the Museum of Europe in Brussels, where it premiered in 2006, "god(s): A User's Guide" was presented in Madrid in 2007 and Paris in 2008. Now, the concept is being reinterpreted to reflect North America's diverse religious and ethnic communities.

"The Canadian Museum of Civilization is honoured to collaborate with the Musée de la civilisation. Both institutions will share and benefit from each other's expertise, artifact collections and resources," said Dr. Victor Rabinovitch, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation. "By adapting "god(s): A User's Guide" for our own visitors, we can provide a uniquely Canadian perspective that celebrates religious differences as well as similarities."

"For Musée de la civilisation, a jointly produced exhibition has a number of advantages. It lets us share our expertise and naturally reduce expenditures - and in today's environment, that's no small thing," she continued.

"The agreement between the Canadian Museum of Civilization and Musée de la civilisation in Québec City illustrates the importance we attach to productive professional relationships with other institutions. We aren't competitors, we're partners, with each institution acting as both an exhibition producer and host," Ms. Simard added.

This international exhibition will be presented through September 10, 2011 in Quebec City, and from December 2, 2011 to September 3, 2012 in Gatineau.