National Assembly accepts Ukranian famine as genocide

On Wednesday, November 25, 2009 The Qu├ębec National Assembly unanimously accepted the introduction of a Bill recognizing the 1932-1933 Famine as Genocide. The bill was introduced by Louise Beaudoin, P.Q. MNA for Rosemont riding. It was received with applause by all parties and official gallery observers!
UCC Montreal has been assisting on this historic presentation of a Bill with Louise Beaudoin since August 2009, after Hon.

Louise Beaudoin declared her intention to have the Famine recognized as Genocide at the UCC's annual Independence Banquet. She was invited as a special guest to Banquet in August.

Special thank you to Roman Karpishka, Prof. Roman Serbyn, Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova, Hryhorij Kowryha, Yourko Kulyckyj, Marta Bilyk for all their tremendous work! This could not have have been achieved without their continuous hard work.

140 special information packages about the 1932-33 Famine-Genocide for members of The National Assembly of Quebec as well as for members of the press, were prepared in advance, and delivered by car to Quebec. It included a covering letter by Marika Putko, president.The package also included a French-language DVD copy of the award-winning documentary Harvest of Despair. (The UCC National Holodomor Awareness Committee assisted in receiving appropriate materials.)

Wednesday 7am, a bus left from Montreal to Quebec with 57 members of the Ukrainian community to witness and support the historic event. Caisse Ukrainienne Desjardins helped cover rental of the bus for which we gratefully thank them. Roman Karpishka coordinated the organization of the bus delegation. A special presentation of the just released book titled Raphael Lemkin:Soviet Genocide in Ukraine (with Lemkin's article in 28 Languages), was also presented by Prof. Roman Serbyn in Quebec.

Several articles have already appeared in the press about this event.

Again, I wish to sincerely thank the KYK Committee for working so hard to make this happen.

Marika Putko, President
UCC Montreal/Quebec

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