“Sovereignists want Québec to defy Supreme Court ruling on Bill 104”

In Montreal a downtown rally last month kicked off "a vast campaign of public mobilization" designed to pressure the Quebec National Assembly to declare it will defy an Oct. 22 decision on English-language schooling in Quebec handed down by Canada's highest court, prominent Quebec nationalist Mario Beaulieu said ... The court declared Bill 104 unconstitutional. The Quebec law had tightened access to English schooling in the province ...

So much for sovereigntists respecting democracy, a large element of which is the rule of law.

[Bill 104] had been adopted in 2002 by the Quebec National Assembly - unanimously, Beaulieu and others noted repeatedly during an afternoon news conference at the SSJB headquarters ...

The National(ist) Assembly does a lot of things unanimously; that doesn't make them sound. Take the long-gun registry ... please.

"This judicial decision threatens the survival of the French language in Quebec," Beaulieu declared, stating that Quebec never agreed to Canada's 1982 constitution.

Thus judicial decision affects about 1000 students per year; statistically insignificant in the French school system, but lifeblood for the anglos.
Besides, Quebec may not have signed the constitution, but it is bound by it. That's also in the constitution.

The first of what Beaulieu said will be a series of events around the province was held in November near the SSJB offices, at the Just for Laughs museum, 2102 St. Laurent Blvd. just south of Sherbrooke St ...

Just for laughs? That's for sure.