A festive St. Andrew’s at the Galway Pub


By Ens. Farnell Morisset

The regular patrons of Rue Cartier's Pub Galway must have been awfully surprised last Saturday, when their regular watering hole was host to the largest St. Andrew's Day party in the city, organized in conjunction with the 78th Fraser Highlanders. Beginning in the late afternoon and lasting until the wee hours of the morning, the party featured all manner of Scots, Scots-supporters, and any others who were in the mood to celebrate the patron saint of Scotland during this eventful weekend.

Plaids and kilts mingled with jeans and t-shirts as Pub Galway's second floor became packed for the evening. In true celebratory spirit, there was even a special menu loaded with Scottish flavors, ranging from hearty meat pies to particularly stiff drinks, with specials for those who came dressed in any kind of Scottish attire.

Keeping true to their roots, many members of the 78th Fraser Highlanders' Pipe Band brought their trusty pipes and drums of various sizes, while other party-goers had also brought along their own instruments. It wasn't long before the crowd was being entertained by jamming sessions, impromptu pipe solos, singing and dancing - some traditional, some more modern, but all with a distinctly Scottish twist you really couldn't have anywhere else.

Though the event was organized by the 78th Fraser Highlanders (who were present en masse, proudly showing their distinct orange-hued tartan), in conjunction with the Pub Galway, the event was open to all and, indeed, many new faces did show up. Rest assured, they didn't remain unfamiliar for long.

Any interested in keeping track of current and future events of the 78th Fraser Highlanders are welcome to visit www.78thfraser.ca for news. Of course, we hope to continue seeing new faces as time goes on!