Michele Morin-Doyle takes City Council seat

Photo: QCT archives

Michele Morin-Doyle, during her recent campaign for City Council, promised to defend the interests of each individual in her district, Trait Carre in Charlesbourg. Now, she will get that chance.

Morin-Doyle, who serves as chair of the Central Quebec School Board, took her seat on the City Council Monday, two weeks after having been elected as part of Equipe Labaume, the slate headed by the newly re-elected mayor, November 1.

Morin Doyle was first elected to the CQSB in 1998, before subsequently becoming the Vice-President and then President of the CQSB.

At the same time, she has headed l'Action civique de Quebec since 2006, served as a member, vice-president and president of the Voice of English Quebec from 1999 to 2005, has been involved with the Quebec-Charlesbourg Rotary Club, has been an honorary president of Jeune Femmes en Action, and has also been involved as a fundraiser for l'Ambulance Saint-Jean and the Musee de la Defense Aerienne.