Loves Memorials column

Love your column Memorials and Things of Fame by Catherine Rouleau of October 28 (just in today) - the l859 item especially. Your column is always interesting and I love the fact that you take the time to explain details in today's context. Most appreciated. No puzzle this week.

Boo hoo.

I do love that puzzle when it's all Canadian. Do not care for the new format of it. (I like to fold the paper across the middle and work the puzzle. Can't do that with it stretched right down the page and with HUGE boxes for the letters. Filler of space, quoi?) Bitch, bitch, bitch, hein? I know the paper is struggling.
I've just cancelled my sub to Globe & Mail - too much Middle East, too many full-page filler ads, new person composing Sat's x-word puzzle - plus it's a syndicated, all-American puzzle (politics, mostly. Give me a break. Enough of that on tv. J'en ai marre!) I was going to try the National Post for a while and now I hear they're going out of business! Hang in there, you guys.

Something I've always wondered about and you're a good one to ask...Do you still have a copy of Issue #1, the very first paper you put out (since you're celebrating your 245th Anniversary)? It would make a lovely Christmas issue! A keeper.

Beth L. Hunter