We must speak out together against Euthanasia-murder

Bill C-384, a bill to legalize euthanasia in Canada, is in no way comparable to Palliative Care. Euthanasia and assisted suicide will see an immediate end to a person's life, maybe without their knowledge or consent.

As I have researched euthanasia in places where it has been legalized overseas and in Oregon, I have read alarming facts of thousands of people having their lives ended without their knowledge or consent. Stats show a decrease in the time from when a person requests to have their life ended to the actual act and also a decrease in people being referred for mental assessments before taking their life. I have great concern for our most vulnerable in society, the disabled and the elderly who may find themselves on "the short end of the stick" if this bill ever becomes law in Canada.

For those wishing to review some of the stats I have read, please check out euthanasia.com. I guarantee it; you will be shocked! I do not believe anyone's life should be ended before their time. Past experience with family members has proven to me that Palliative care has been and is a method of pain control until a person's life ends naturally. I know there are some who believe they should have the right to end their life.

Personally, I want to live until my natural time of death arrives, so please do not make it easy for someone to kill me if you do not want to live. I have read in the news that there is over 2000 Doctors in Quebec who want Euthanasia and assisted suicide to be legalized. I have one thing to say to them.

I am a Canadian Citizen, I have rights under the Charter of Rights of this country and I will not stand by and allow you to legalize my death before my time, without "a good fight." We cannot be passive on this bill; we must all speak out together in a strong voice and request our Members of Parliament vote to NO to Bill C-384.

Please pick up your phone, "take a minute to save many lives", phone or write your Member of Parliament, Prime Minister, and leaders of opposition parties today. Tell them clearly that you want them to vote no to Bill C 384, you do not want euthanasia and legalized suicide in Canada.

Start petitions, write letters to newspapers, pass on this letter via e-mail and request your friends to do the same and take action. I ask those Doctors from Quebec: what is wrong with Palliative Care? What is wrong with Natural Death? Why do you feel you have a need to have authority to legally end a person's life? Questions are an important road to the reasoning behind the quest to have Bill c-384 legalized. "Will Bill C-384 help to lower health care costs by ending the lives of persons who may be a burden on the health care system?"
Even with strict guidelines in place in other countries, thousands have been killed without consent or knowledge according to stats I read on euthanasia.com.

Do we want this to happen in Canada? Please join the fight against euthanasia and assisted suicide.