Stars, Rockets and Salamanders


On Friday October 2nd 2009, class 6B from Holland Elementary School visited Mount Cosmos Observatory, situated at 500 metres altitude on a point near St. Elzéar de Beauce.

Upon arriving, students went on a three-kilometre hike through the boreale forest. They identified different trees, including yellow birch, maple, and spruce. At a little stream, students found salamanders under the rocks.
After supper, teams built rockets with charges. They painted them and, after dark, set them off with a motorized launch. They went about 300 meters high! One of the rockets caught fire.

Later on, students went into the observatory and looked through a sixteen inch electronic telescope located in building three stories high. We tried to look at the Moon and Jupiter but the clouds blocked most of the view.
It was too bad that we didn't see much in the telescope because it was almost a full moon, but it was fun learning about astronomy.