Anglo organizations pleased with Lebaume meeting


Photo: courtesy of VEQ

From left to right: Lorne Mulroney, Louis Hanrahan, Richard Walling, Jean Robert, Helen Walling, Guylaine Caron, Ron Corriveau, Mayor Labeaume, Michelle Morin-Doyle, Michael Boden, Simon Jacobs.


"He's someone who hears, who listens, who understands."
Helen Walling, Vice-President of the Voice of English Quebec, was speaking of last week's meeting between representatives of the city's English community and Mayor Regis Lebaume.

The Oct. 14 session was third such meeting between the mayor and Anglophone representatives, dating back to 2007, Lebaume's first year as mayor.

Attending the meeting, including VEQ, were representatives of St. Patrick's Parish, the Anglican Diocese, Jeffrey Hale-St. Brigid's, the Central Quebec School Board, the Morrin Centre and St. Lawrence College
Walling said last week's meeting, the second that she has attended personally, followed a similar tone to the earlier session where she was present, with the mayor expressing a willingness to do what he can for the community. Walling said at least one such meeting now takes place each year. The initiative for the initial meeting in 2005 originated with VEQ, Walling said.
"We really believe that the mayor believes in the importance of the English community," Walling, a former executive director with VEQ, said, later adding, "He's open to ideas - totally."

"He always comes down when we invite him."
Walling said the mayor's openness with the English community is helpful in a number of ways, especially when it comes to clearing bureaucratic red tape for different projects and events.

Walling said she believes the mayor wants to help the city, which has become considerably more cosmopolitan the past few years, and continues to grow.