History repeats itself? Or is it man that keeps repeating the same moral errors?

In response to Tim Pettipiece's Letter to the editor in the most recent issue of the QCT, concerning my four part article concerning "The coming of Corporate Fascism," I have the following things to say.

First of all, thank you to Mr. Pettipiece for having taken the time to write in and express his views. We live in a free and democratic society. Bravo. As for my commentary being "half-educated fantasy," I have these comments to say: If one analyzes the emergence of civilization from tribal origins to the present, one quickly comes to the conclusion that tribes fought tribes for control of food and resources and land, forming the rudiments of Dukedoms and other feudal forms of land tenure.

These thereupon fought each other and formed Kingdoms, which fought each other and formed nation-states. Nation-states fought each other, forming empires. Empires fought empires, forming bigger empires, leaving now only the two groups of core-periphery empirical organizations of financial/military/industrial power mentioned in my article, who will, if the determinants of history repeat themselves, will, in all likelihood fight each other.

The use of the term "Golden Horde" to describe the Mongol invasions of the middle ages is common currency in popular culture and has even been used on shows such as Jeopardy. Therefore, I do not consider such language as bigoted.

If one looks on the internet and reads the official military policy analysis newsletters, which have been culled from the pages of the official English-language news organizations which Communist China uses to communicate with the outside world, then Mr. Pettipiece would see for himself the extent of China's desire to embark on a nuclear aircraft carrier building program, which, by all official accounts, is slated to begin in early 2010, and should last for the next 10 to 20 years, which, by all accounts will likely include a full battle group of naval vessels to support each carrier.

As for Mr. Pettipiece's criticism of my assertion that this emerging conflict will result in the advancement of biological weapons, being "stupid ... (and) obscene," I can only say the following: The United States of America and its allies , including Canada, are the only countries to have ever made use of atomic weapons. Look at the technology transfers that resulted from the Bomb: The Chalk River reactor, which processed the fuel that went into the bombs we dropped onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were converted to making radioactive isotopes to cure cancer after the war. The Styrofoam which was invented by Dow Chemical to act as an insulator in the Bomb was later commercialized after the war to make everything from coffee cups to household insulation!!!