Letters from Afghanistan

Time Fillers

I alluded in my last post to time filling; what we do when we're not working. Since having purchased my MacBook Pro, I've been spending a lot of evenings playing with iMovie and GarageBand. A Macintosh computer is really fun for things like that. I've also been plugging away at a novel, which is not, I say again, not, based on anything here. It's more of an international undercover crime novel that is set against the backdrop of Quebec City, among other places. The idea came to me five years ago, but I never get going on it. I'd like to finish it before I leave, because I know that once I get home, my procrastination will get the better of me, and it will end up on the shelf. And not in published form.

The gyms are a popular place to go, since most people once off work have nothing better to do. At the garage, we set up our own gym, with breaker bars for weights, a chin-up bar, mats for situps, and a dip bar. When the flow of work slowed down last week, we spent plenty of time doing exercise competitions. No, I didn't win. Second isn't awful, though. ANyway, I don't know anyone else who is crazy enough to run laps around the base with body armour, fully loaded webbing and rifle. Although I did see an American running with his gas mask on. Which I though was rather dumb, because it deprives the body of oxygen during intense physical activity, thereby doing it damage. Why not just put a plastic bag over your head and do a few laps?

We had our medals parade this week, so I have my General Campaign Star, which doesn't mean as much to me as most people. I came for the experience, and to get out of garrison for seven months. Consequently, I'm hooked, and I'd like to come back as an infantry soldier, if my occuptional transfer request is approved. Fingers are crossed.

I also have a nightly routine of going to L'Igloo at the Boardwalk and getting an ice cream, then watching either a hockey game, or a volleyball match, depending on who is playing. I saw an excellent match between us and the Slovaks, who proceeded to defeat us soundly, but it was nevertheless a fast, well-played game

I can't at this point upload any photos from this terminal, which is rather disappointing, because I have a couple good ones that I'd like to share. I'll have to wait until I get back to Canada. In another month. Which I await, because I'm getting a bit homesick. Here's to having a pint at the Saint-Alexandre...