Jay Sewall plays the Theatre Champlain

Blues guitarist/harmonica player Jay Sewall has been a regular on the Quebec City blues scene for over two decades. Next week, he will bring those blues to the intimate stage at the Theatre Petit Champlain.

Sewall has been a regular at at establishments such as the Pape Georges in Petit Champlain and Pub St. Alexander on Rue St. Jean, where he has played host to jam sessions with numerous local musicians, both known and unknown, and whatever bars happen to featuring blues at the particular moment.

Sewall was born in Boston, but grew up in Montreal. He cut his musical teeth playing sock hops, coffee houses and bars, including a stretch during the 1970s when spent time in Chicago, the home of such legendary blues artist as Muddy Water, Little Walter, Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor, among others.

He has played harmonica with the likes of Son Seals, Waters Jr, Taylor and lefthanded guitar player Lefty Dizz, a veteran of the Chicago blues scene.

Since 1985, Sewall has been living in Quebec City where he is a pillar in the blues community conducting jam sessions, teaching, producing and performing. He has appeared on stage with practically every other regular blues musician who plays in the city.

On stage, Sewall arrives wearing colorful hats, New Orleans beads and many musical instruments. His musical repertoire consists of more than 1,000 songs including gospel, folk, blues, boogie-woogie, zydeco, funk and his own compositions.

At the September 24 show at the Petit Champlain, Sewall will feature his most recent disc, entitled All Blues. Among the sings on the latest album are the tradition "When the Saints Come Marchin' In" and "All Blues," a Miles Davis number from which the last disc takes its name.

He will be accompanied by longtime guitarist Paul Hinton, bassist Pierre Côté and drummer Barry Nameth.

The show starts at 8 p.m.