Foundation pledges help in restoring Hale’s grave site


The tomb of Jeffery Hale (r) in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, needs to be
repaired. The sapling in this photo has since been removed but it, and
others, created crevices in the tomb's mortar.


The Jeffery Hale Foundation has pledged its help in restoring Jeffery Hale's dilapidated tomb. In addition, the Foundation wants a memorial plaque installed at the Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, grave site.

The Foundation, in a statement issued Monday, announced that it is discussing the installation of the plaque with the Friends of Woodbury Park Cemetery, a group of volunteers who care for and clean up neglected tombs at the cemetery.

The foundation said it wants the plaque to "[highlight Hale's] contribution as a philanthropic pioneer in our community."

There are now five organizations in Quebec City's Anglophone community that bear the Jeffery Hale name: Jeffery Hale-St. Brigid's, Jeffery Hale Community Partners, Jeffery Hale Community Services, The Jeffery Hale Friends' Foundation and finally, The Jeffery Hale Foundation.

"Jeffery Hale is an important part of our community's heritage..." Mike Boden, the Executive Director of the Foundation, said in the statement. "Our Foundation feels that financing the project to restore Jeffery Hale's grave site it is not only fitting but also the responsible thing to do."

Jeffery Hale died in Tunbridge Wells in November 1864 and is buried with his two siblings Frances Isabelle and Richard. Their tomb is next to that of his sister Mary, her husband, Rev. Henry Hotham, and their daughter Mary Elizabeth.

The Foundation has not commented on whether they will be restoring both tombs, or just Hale's.

Information about the cost of the project and sources of funding have not yet been released. The Foundation has promised to make more details public as the project develops.

Chronicle-Telegraph publisher Pierre Little announced in the paper's July 8 edition that it will donate up to $500 to the Jeffery Hale Foundation to help restore the tomb.