Jacques Crete calls for continued professional training for Wendake talent

Kiugwe 2009 045.jpg
Photo: Thomas Bilodeau

Christian Laveau plays the lead role in Kiugwe 2009, the Second Meeting 


Jacques Crête feels it is very important to train upcoming First Nations talent so that artists and performers can continue to offer top caliber shows such as Kiugwe 2009. “It would be perfect timing to begin training new talent for future productions starting this September,” he says, adding “it would be a tremendous pity not to do so.” After all, Wendake now has an ultra-modern stage, technical set up and the tourism know-how of Tourisme Wendake.

The community would be wise to invest in training its up-coming dancers, singers and crews professionally so that they can produce and perform in truly high-caliber productions, according to Kiugwe’s director.This season, nine out of the thirteen dancers, actors, musicians and singers are First Nations performers. They include Christian Laveau (Huron-Wendat in the lead role), Monia Routhier (Abénakis/) Akienda Lainé (Huron-Wendat), Francine Beaudry (Mic Mac), Alexis Gros-Louis (Huron-Wendat), Brad Gros-Louis (Huron-Wendat), Isabelle Gros-Louis (Huron-Wendat), Danielle Gros-Louis (Huron-Wendat), and Andrée Lévesque (Huron-Wendat). Sound design is also the work of Huron-Wendat Chief Gaëtan Siouï, in charge of Tourism and Economic Development who was “very proud of the group’s work after their first show.”  


Lead performer Christian Laveau, a 35-year old musician, singer, actor and dancer, describes the show as “really well-polished and appealing to all age groups with its remarkable light and sound effects.” He completed a three-year degree through the National Theatre School of Canada’s theatre training program for native artists in Montreal in 2007. The programme was run in collaboration with one of Canada’s most influential native theatre companies, Huron-Wendat Yves Sioui Durand’s Ondinook Theatre. Laveau gained a solid reputation with Wendake’s renowned traditional dance group Sandokwa. He is in his second season with Kiugwe.