International miniature art exhibition opens in Levis

Grand Prix Daniela Zekina de Montréeal.jpg
Photo: IAM

Dance With the hours by Daniela Zekina - Grand prize winner

Five thousand dollars in prize money was awarded last June 14, at the opening ceremony of the 5th edition of the International miniature art competition in Levis.   The grand prize went to Montreal artist Daniela Zekina.  Her piece (see illustration) is titled Dance with the hours.

The miniature art biennial has developed considerably over the years. Initially held at the parish house of the St Nicolas village, it has since added three other venues.  The Galerie Louise Carrier in Old-Levy has joined the St Nicolas' parish house in showing the 414 works participating in the juried competition, while the Centre Regart and the Galerie des Deux-Ponts hold thematic exhibitions, also devoted to miniature art.  

Since its first edition, the biennial has also developed its international component.  This year, artists from 26 countries other than Canada have responded to the invitation posted on the event's website.  As a matter of fact, tree of the prizes awarded last week went to artists from Argentina, Australia and Bulgaria.  As the event's international reputation developed so has increased the quality and diversity of the works presented.  Visitors can appreciate a variety of styles and mediums ranging from traditional figurative paintings and prints to abstract three dimensional works.  It really is fascinating to venture into this world where, in deed, «good things do come in small formats» and, further, are inspired by various cultures.  Some are actually so small that a magnifying glass is necessary to appreciate their fineness.

On your tour the different sites of the exhibition, open until September 6, 2009, do plan a stop at the Galerie des Deux-Ponts to see the exquisite display of works created by children, ages from 7 to 12.  

You should heck the opening hours of the various locations listed below where miniature art will be shown this summer.

Presbytère St. Nicolas - 418-831-5257

Galerie Louise-Carrier - 418-838-6001

Center d'artistes Regart - 418-837-4099

Galerie d'art des Deux-Ponts - 418-835-4926